Small Kitchen Design but Great Passion for Cooking

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With a big house, we can set the size of the kitchen. When the size of the kitchen area, it is also an opportunity to decorate more freely in accordance with our wishes. For those of you who have a small kitchen design, don’t be sad. We take advantage of the limited size of the kitchen with the settings more practical and economical. How?

We all know that the fridge needed water supply. Therefore, put the fridge in the kitchen and close to the water faucet and cook first. Leaving the kitchen cabinets along with the object being a cohesive unit, rather than spread out. You need to push cabinets to the ceiling, so that the kitchen looks magnificent though this does not make the kitchen feel much cooler. It is a privilege that can only be done in the small kitchen design.


Furthermore, the more important is lighting the kitchen. Give the kitchen with adequate lighting, as it can add excitement to people who do the activity in the kitchen.

On the kitchen wall, you have to give bright colors. Because it would aid work the lighting in the kitchen. Lastly, don’t forget to install a tile floor with a bright color, such as white, light blue or another bright color.

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