How to Install a Glass Tile Backsplash

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See at the latest editions of home renovation magazines or walk into anything custom home decoration store and you’ll look the latest kitchen backsplashes are all glass tiles. When you see the beauty and warmth that glass tile backsplash brings, you would repeatedly ask why it take so long for house designers to think of the idea. Appending a glass paving is not as tough as you might think. You would notice a tremendous distinction in the overall see of your kitchen after installing one of these backsplashes.

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need


Glass tiles, looking glass cutter, Sandpaper, Adhesive, Grout, Sponge, Bucket, Grout trowel, Wax pencil, Ruler or tape measure.

Lay the tiles out on a tabular surface precisely as they would go on the wall.

With the wax pencil and a ruler or tape gauge, draw a straight centerline from the top to the base of the wall in the center of the area that the tiles will cover.


Start at the base of the wall, in addition to the centerline and use the shovel to apply just enough adhesive for a some tiles.

Place tiles over the adhesive, urgent down flat. Keep on adding adhesive and tiles, one next to the another, until the all area is covered.

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36 Photos of the How to Install a Glass Tile Backsplash