Effective Steps for Small Bathroom Design

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Not everyone likes the work as a designer. Though the designer’s work unique, interesting and fun. We can design something to your liking. For example, designing a bathroom, if we don’t have the knowledge to design a bathroom, the large room available will feel cramped. Unlike when we have the knowledge to design a bathroom, small bathroom design that will look up / wide.



How to Practical, Effective for Small Bathroom Design:

1. Maximize Bathroom Space

Your bathroom has a small size and is “old”, then the best thing to do is to set the layout. If the small size, the thing you need to consider is to maximize the room using the bathroom tiles that can be adjusted to the available space.


2. The Bathroom Becomes the Shower

If the bathroom is often wet, then you should pay attention to the materials that will be used to renovate the bathroom. Don’t place items made of wood in the bathroom, because the item will not last long. Place items made of glass and stainless steel in the bathroom, such as shelves and storage compartments of acrylic, glass, or stainless steel. Don’t put a towel / hair loss and toilet paper close to the shower area.

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32 Photos of the Effective Steps for Small Bathroom Design