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Estela Net Architecture & Design to develop a dazzling home project, targeting young partner in finding a house that mixes harmonically subtle edge of good design with oversized nature. Casa Aguas Claras is the name of the project leading protected in a posh area of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

The house aims to embrace and immerse rocky environment perfectly into a relaxing landscape. The house has stunning views of the morning for those who used to drink coffee in the morning looking for inspiration. For the ‘naturelle’ touch, enough of wood was used in defining the project: floors, fancy shutters, some of the furniture pieces. Moreover, the textures and fabrics have been carefully elected, creating an increase juggling of earthy colors.


The contemporary natural aspect is augmented by a series of details such as rocky mountain wall patterns, different types of marble and gorgeous large windows that catch the landscape bringing it inside. Casa Aguas Claras is a room that aims to satisfy the need of cosiness, inducing a peaceful state of mind. This house could be for investment, homes for lease or you could sell a few years later. Whatever your decision, renting or selling a home is certainly not harm consumers.

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