Black White and Silver Kitchen

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Black White and Silver Kitchen –¬†It’s really a spectacular collection that surely will mark the trend of kitchens from now. This collection is the result of the desire of the company Gorenje products offer consumers a superior aesthetic finish as the jewel refrigerator had also commented, at a fairly reasonable price. Thus, the black white and silver kitchen¬†creative rebel industrial design, famous for coining the term “simplexity” (combination of simplicity-simplicity-and complexity-complexity) as a qualifier of his style has developed an original cuisine, stylish and as is usual with him, ecological.

The appliances, art, black glass are topped with aluminum handles, available in stainless steel or black. Decorative panels are combined with black color and rounded shapes that help unify and give consistency to the set that even using simple and familiar forms, is – I believe – the most futuristic and daring. Do you dare a black white and silver kitchen?

black white kitchen cabinets


7 Photos of the Black White and Silver Kitchen

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