Bathroom Remodel Ideas for a more Modern Bathroom

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In today’s modern era, the appearance is something that is a priority. Appearance even to the appearance of the home, including the appearance of the bathroom. Since the appearance of the bathroom itself or we will become a reference and judgment of others about ourselves. Moreover, if there are relatives, friends or visitors to the house and asked permission to use the bathroom, then that is where they will assess our bathrooms. Therefore, the time for bathroom remodel ideas are more beautiful, interesting and exotic.

Once the importance of the appearance of the bathroom, then a few things you need to consider, among other things:


1. Shower / Tub

If the shower / tub was starting to turn yellow, then immediately clean it with a brush to clean again. Do it once every 2 weeks or before the shower we used another person. If not cleaned, it’s time to replace it with a higher quality.

2. Toilet


So is the toilet, because it is often used and has a very important function, then flush the toilet on a regular basis is a must. Perform cleaning toilets once every 2 weeks and give fragrance when cleaning the toilet. If the toilet in less good condition, the color has started to turn yellow and hard to clean, it is proper we replace the toilet.

3. Floor

The floor is very influential with bathroom lighting, give your bathroom a light-colored floor and be reflective, it gives us comfort when wearing them. Avoid the floor with a dark color, because it would require extra lighting.

4. Lighting

If we do not want to use too much electricity in the bathroom, then the contents of the bathroom should be supported, such as: floors, walls, and furniture required. Use materials or colors to reflect light, not the material or color that absorbs light.

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